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Find One-time Cleaning Services Near Me

There is what we used to call general cleaning while in school. During this time, we cleaned everything in the school: the dormitories, latrines, offices, classes, and compound. It was such a day! Your home/ business needs some regular general cleaning where you’ll ensure that everything is sparkling clean. But how do you achieve that, especially with a tight schedule? That’s where the Balozy app comes in. We have a list of highly qualified one-time cleaning service providers to help you out. From cleaning your house, bathrooms, kitchen, and compound, you can rest assured that your home cleanliness will be top-notch. Balozy cleaning services providers can transform your home with a pocket-friendly budget. You can browse on our app and select service providers within your budget. Download the Balozy app today!

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It’s our main goal to ensure that you get what you want when you want with the Balozy app. From cleaning and washing, to other services, you can get help with just a few clicks on the Balozy app

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Questions To Ask Service Providers

Many years of experience translate to high experience level and high quality services.

Let your service provider give you photos or videos of their previous work.

Read reviews on the service provider Balozy profile to know the quality of their work before hiring them.

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