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Disinfecting Services in Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu and Mombasa

Are you looking for disinfecting services in Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu or Mombasa? The Balozy can help!

We have a network of experienced service professionals who use the latest and most advanced equipment and chemicals to disinfect your houses against pests. 

Before we can onboard any disinfecting service provider, we ensure that they have the required licenses to use chemicals. In addition, we ensure they have the relevant experience to handle different chemicals to ensure your safety and theirs too. 

In addition, we ensure to verify that all service providers are genuine and ready to serve their clients with ultimate quality.

Our team of providers can offer residential and commercial disinfecting services, ensuring that your space is germ-free and safe for your family.

Don’t worry about the costs. All our service providers offer competitive prices on our app. You can read through their profiles to hire the best service pro who suits your disinfecting budget. 

Download the app today and get in touch with a disinfecting service provider near you.

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It’s free! Period. You never pay to use Balozy. Get cost estimates, contact services professionals, and finally book a service provider at zero cost to you.

You can get as many service providers you wish, stating from disinfectants to all home chores and personal care. 

You can access a wide network of service providers without spending a dime. Just download the app to enjoy!