Get Started with Balozy: What Happens After I Book?

Get Started with Balozy: What Happens After I Book?

I’m sure you have heard about the Balozy app that connects homeowners with service providers in Kenya. When you get started with Balozy, you should have no worries since your job will be in the right hands of service providers.

Since its inception, Balozy has helped thousands of homeowners and business people do simple and complex chores around their premises. That’s why you should try Balozy to simplify your activities at home or work.

Keep reading to know what happens when you get started with the Balozy mobile application today.

What Happens After I Book a Service on Balozy?

After booking any of our featured services, your request will be visible to your area’s professionals. These professionals will get back to you, and you’ll detail the specifics and preferences of the services you want and how you want them done. The process is quick, convenient, and reliable. 

Our Assurance 

Whenever you book services with Balozy, you choose to work with the best local businesses. We have made the whole process very easy, allowing you to get what you want without the struggle of shopping in the broader market.   

You can go through the service professionals in your area for the service you need done in your home. This will help you access the profiles of service providers near you. In addition, you can open each profile to see the certifications, qualifications, and work portfolio of the service providers.

Expect High-Quality Services

Our focus on quality services is informed by the need to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction. We pay special attention to the services each of our partners offers to ensure they meet our desired quality standards.

We have fully vetted local service providers who offer every service listed on our platform with a proven record of exceptional services. These service providers are reputable and on a mission to wow their clients and grow their reach.

When you get started with Balozy, ensure you have selected the service professionals with what it takes to deliver quality. That would mean reading reviews and ratings, their range of services, and their responsiveness to customers.

You are Safe With Balozy

In today’s digital world, online safety comes in many shapes. Whether protecting personal information from malicious third parties or ensuring the professionals you deal with are trustworthy.

We have gone the extra mile to ensure it’s all about your safety. We understand your personal data’s value and have invested in the best cybersecurity tips to ensure all security loopholes are non-existent. 

Our team has also beefed up site security measures beyond those offered by our hosting provider. For instance, we use a reputable payment provider, so we never have to store credit card information ourselves.

When picking service providers to partner with, we are keen to check their professional conduct to see whether they are trustworthy enough to connect and serve our clients.

We also urge our customers to report any incidents of unprofessionalism so we can take the necessary legal action and help build a safer and more connected community.


When shopping for services, everybody wants the quickest and easiest way to get what they want, how and when they want it. We have designed Balozy as a stop-shop solution for everyday services around your home, office, or workplace.

By connecting you with service businesses and professionals in your area, you no longer have to rely on outdated referrals. 

All you need is to book a service from one of the many professionals and agree on the cost and the time you want the services delivered. Ideally, this should take a few minutes if your chosen business or professional is online.

Get Started Today!

At Balozy, we have you covered regardless of the services you want, whether home repairs, landscaping, roof renovation, or laundry work. Just browse the different service categories and choose a professional to work with.