Choosing a Business Name That Customers Will Remember

Choosing a Business Name That Customers Will Remember

Choosing a business name is a critical decision for success. It’s not something to rush. Therefore, careful consideration is key. In addition, your business name is not just a label; it’s your brand’s representation and should reflect the services you offer. 

With intense competition in the business world, finding a unique and fitting business name is a challenge. There are approximately 33.2 million small businesses in the US alone, emphasizing the need for a distinctive name. This is especially vital when starting a business in Kenya, where standing out from the competition is essential.

Your business name holds more influence than you might initially think. It can significantly impact customers’ perceptions and decisions. Let’s delve into the art of naming a business, brand, or product for success.

Why Choosing a Business Name is Important for Your Kenyan Brand

Selecting the right business name is critical for several reasons, particularly in the Kenyan market:

1. First Impression Matters

Your business name is often the first impression, creating a significant impact. For instance,  “Jambojet” is a Kenyan low-cost airline with a name that exudes friendliness and welcomes travelers. The name instantly connects with the idea of traveling ‘Jet’ and a warm Kenyan greeting, “Jambo,”— setting a positive first impression for the airline.

2. Choosing a Memorable Business Name

A memorable business name helps customers recall your brand easily.  For instance, “Balozy” is an online marketplace with a name that sticks in the mind. The name also reflects the services that Balozy provides—acting as a liaison between pros and clients. (Balozi is the Swahili name for ambassador). The name is unique and memorable, making it easier for customers to remember and identify the brand and its services.

3. Choosing a Business Name Helps in Marketing and Branding

Your business name plays a pivotal role in marketing and branding efforts. For example, “Tuskys” is an example of a brand that utilizes its name consistently in marketing campaigns. The name is synonymous with the supermarket’s identity, making it a strong element of branding and marketing strategies.

4. Gives Businesses Legal Protection

A unique business name is legally protected through trademark registration. For example, in the case of “Naivas.” The legal protection of a business name ensures that your brand name remains exclusive and prevents others from using a similar name in the Kenyan market.

Tips for Choosing a Business Name for Your Kenyan Brand

Choosing a business name that resonates with your Kenyan audience and captures your business essence requires careful thought. Here’s how you can go about it:

  1. Know Your Brand

Your business name should reflect your brand’s character and values, aligned with the Kenyan market. Let’s consider “Safaricom” – it combines “safari” (journey) and “com” for communication—a perfect match for a telecommunications company in Kenya. The name exudes a sense of connectivity and adventure, which aligns with Safaricom’s mission of connecting people.

2. Unleash Your Creativity

When choosing a business name, brainstorm a list of potential names. Think of something unique, memorable, and culturally relevant. Don’t hold back; you can refine your list later. For instance, “M-Pesa” is an innovative combination of “mobile” and “pesa” (money) for a mobile money service. It’s a name that vividly communicates the essence of the service – mobile money.

3. Check for Availability

Research if your chosen name is already in use by another Kenyan business. In addition, ensure that the domain name is available for your website. Availability is crucial to avoid legal complications and confusion in the market. It also ensures your business journey is smooth and legally compliant from the word go.

4. Choosing a Business Name: Keep It Simple

You should opt for a name that is easy to spell, pronounce, and remember. For example,  “Quickmart” is a straightforward name for a popular Kenyan supermarket chain. Simplicity is critical in choosing a business name accessible to a wide range of customers.

5. Think Long-Term

Consider how your name will age as your business evolves. For example, “Equity Bank” was founded with a vision of providing financial equality, a name that continues to align with its mission. The name is future-proof, allowing the bank to grow and adapt to changing market conditions.

6. Avoid Trendy Names When Choosing a Business Name

While trendy names might seem appealing, they can quickly become outdated. Choose a name that stands the test of time. For example, “Kenyatta University is named after Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. The name reflects a sense of history and evokes the permanence of the institution.

7. Seek Feedback After Choosing a Business Name

Get input from trusted colleagues, friends, and potential customers in Kenya. Names like “Tuskys” have built brand loyalty through decades, demonstrating the power of a name with local resonance. Feedback can help you refine your options and ensure your name resonates with your target audience.

8. Legal Considerations

You should consult a legal professional to ensure your chosen name complies with Kenyan regulations. For example, “Sarova Hotels” demonstrates a distinctive and legally compliant name. Legal compliance is essential to avoid any legal issues down the road and to ensure that your name is protected.

9. Online Presence

Ensure the name looks good as a domain and sounds pleasing when spoken. For example, “Safaricom” perfectly blends online accessibility and vocal appeal. In the digital age, choosing a business name suitable for online platforms and easy to communicate verbally is crucial.

What to Consider When Choosing a Business Name

Now that you know how to craft a winning business name, avoid these pitfalls that could harm your business brand.

  • Copyright issues: Before you settle on a name, ensure it isn’t already trademarked or too similar to another Kenyan business. You don’t want to invest in a name and branding only to be forced to change it later. Check the Kenyan trademark database and consider seeking professional help for a thorough search.
  • Avoid choosing a boring business name: As Henry Ford once said, mediocrity won’t lead to success. A dull, forgettable name won’t catch your customers’ attention. Get creative and select a name that stands out.
  • Avoid offensive names: While a unique name is great, avoid anything offensive. Offensive slurs, swear words, or references to sensitive topics can harm your brand and even lead to legal trouble.
  • Think beyond local: Consider your growth plans, while a local name can work well for some businesses. If expansion is on the horizon, choose a name that isn’t too local, as it could limit your business’s potential. Avoid names tied solely to a specific location.
  • Mind the typos: Typos in your brand name can be embarrassing. Ensure your chosen name is spelled correctly. Once you’re certain, double-check its consistency on your website, marketing materials, social media, logo, and any physical storefront.
  • Keep it short: Lengthy names are tough to remember and may not fit well in a domain URL. Short and snappy names are more memorable and practical, especially in the digital age.

Final Advice

A great business name is a valuable asset. Still, choosing a business name can be an uphill task when starting in the business world. All the aspects of your business will impact how you choose a company name, and these tips can help you craft a winning brand name.

Your business name should be original, catchy,  creative, and promote your brand. Remember, your name will be your identity, so get it right. It should appeal to the clients you want to reach and be relevant to the industry.

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A business name is merely the first step toward developing a brand. Though a catchy brand name will give your business a good first impression, it is up to you to obtain clients, meet customer expectations, and drive your business to success.

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