Balozy Can Revive Kenyan Businesses: 3 Ways

Surviving in tough economic times in Kenya: Balozy can revive Kenyan Businesses

Research shows that Kenyan businesses lost over Ksh.2 billion during the anti-government protests (maandamano). This amount is too big to recover without a good strategy. But do you know that Balozy can revive Kenyan businesses after the impact of protests? It can also offer ongoing satisfaction for business people by linking them to potential clients for free!

Recently, Kenya has experienced a surge in protests, significantly impacting businesses nationwide.

  • These demonstrations often lead to disruptions in transportation, the closure of establishments, and financial losses for companies.

  • The disruptions in transportation systems hinder the movement of goods and service providers, causing delays in supply chains.
  • Closing establishments for safety reasons leads to revenue losses, especially for small businesses that rely heavily on daily foot traffic.
  • The uncertainty and unrest during protests cause potential customers to avoid physical stores, further exacerbating the financial strain on businesses.

In such challenging times, online marketplaces like Balozy can revive Kenyan businesses from the impact of protests. The Balozy online marketplace is already doing a great job bridging business people with clients locally.

In this blog post, we will explore how Balozy can revive Kenyan businesses and service providers in connecting with customers and overcoming losses incurred during protests.

How Balozy Can Revive Kenyan Businesses After ‘Maandamano’

Balozy is an online marketplace that connects service providers with customers. The Balozy platform has powerful features to support Kenyan businesses during these trying times. Here are the ways Balozy can revive Kenyan businesses after maandamano.

1. Balozy Can Revive Kenyan Businesses By Connecting with Customers During Protests

One of the significant advantages of using Balozy is its ability to help businesses connect with customers online. Even when physical establishments are closed, businesses can continue to offer their services through the platform.

Whether offering virtual consultations, online job hunting, or repair services, Balozy enables businesses to maintain communication with existing customers and attract new ones, ensuring that they can still generate income despite the challenges posed by protests.

2. Staying Afloat During Protests

Balozy has expanded its reach beyond the immediate vicinity of businesses heavily dependent on local customers. By listing their services on the platform, Kenyan businesses can tap into a larger customer base, potentially attracting clients from different parts of the country.

This increased exposure is a lifeline for businesses during protests when the usual flow of local customers might be disrupted.

Therefore, as much as businesses are already selling, they will always stay afloat. The good news… you can achieve that with the Balozy application.

3. Recovering from Losses Incurred During Protests

Once the protests subside, businesses often face the daunting task of recovering from the financial losses incurred during the unrest. Balozy can play a vital role in this recovery process by helping businesses re-engage with their regular customers and attract new ones.

The platform’s review system also boosts the credibility of businesses, reassuring customers of their reliability and quality of services, thus fostering confidence in potential clients.

The Impact of Protests on Kenyan Businesses

The protests in Kenya have impacted businesses nationwide, leaving entrepreneurs grappling with many challenges threatening their existence. The main ways that protests have affected businesses are:

a) Disrupted Transportation Networks

One of the primary challenges businesses face during protests is the severe disruption of transportation networks. Customers find accessing physical stores and establishments difficult due to blocked roads, traffic congestion, and restricted public transportation options.

As a result, foot traffic decreases considerably, resulting in a sharp drop in profits for brick-and-mortar shops. Even those businesses that rely on deliveries to reach customers face delays and logistical hurdles due to disturbances in transportation routes.

Balozy can revive Kenyan businesses by facilitating communication and business deals between sellers and buyers. Once you download the Balozy application, you can register as a service pro and give your prices. That way, customers registered on Balozy can contact you to do business.

b) Closure of Establishments

Many businesses are forced to close their doors temporarily in response to safety concerns during protests. The need to prioritize the well-being of staff and customers means businesses opt for temporary shutdowns, resulting in a complete loss of revenue during the closure period.

Such closures are detrimental, especially for smaller enterprises with limited financial reserves, pushing them perilously close to insolvency.

As a business person, you can solve these uncertainties using the Balozy marketplace for services. The application is free and simple to use. Enjoy the freedom starting from today!

c) Decreased Sales and Revenue Losses

As protests continue, businesses experience a significant reduction in customer footfall and sales. Customers hesitate to venture into areas with protests, choosing to stay at home. The decline in consumer spending leads to revenue losses, impacting businesses of all sizes and industries.

As people stay at home, they will most likely find services and products online. And that’s where you should use the Balozy app to sell your services.

d) Inventory Spoilage and Property Damage

For businesses dealing with perishable goods or fragile inventory, the disruptions of protests lead to inventory spoilage or damage. For instance, blocked transportation routes cause delays in the timely delivery of goods, causing perishable items to spoil. In addition, non-perishable items accumulate, tying up capital in unsold inventory.

Moreover, some businesses suffer property damage due to vandalism or looting during protests, resulting in additional financial losses.

e) Concerns for Staff and Customer Safety

Amidst the chaos of protests, entrepreneurs grapple with concerns for the safety of their staff and customers. Safety risks deter customers from visiting physical stores and lead to employees being unable to report to work due to safety concerns. Business owners must balance their responsibilities to their workforce’s well-being with their commitment to running their establishments effectively.

f) Uncertainty and Planning Challenges

The unpredictable nature of protests makes it challenging for businesses to plan their operations effectively. Sudden shifts in protest locations or intensities can disrupt day-to-day business activities and supply chain operations. Such uncertainty also affects long-term planning, making it difficult for businesses to make strategic decisions confidently.

g) Impact on Tourism and Hospitality

Protests have a particularly negative impact on the tourism and hotel industries. Tourist arrivals may be reduced due to travel advisories and safety concerns, affecting hotels, restaurants, tour operators, and other related businesses. 

Balozy Can Revive Kenyan Businesses: Real Stories from Kenyan Service Pros

Balozy Can Revive Kenyan Businesses: Mary’s Catering Services

Mary, the owner of a successful catering business in Nairobi, faced a significant decline in orders due to the ongoing protests. Her usual stream of clients dried up with events getting canceled or postponed, and the future seemed uncertain.

In her search for alternative ways to keep her business afloat, Mary turned to Balozy. She listed her catering services on the platform, offering personalized meal deliveries and virtual cooking classes. To her surprise, she quickly received inquiries from customers looking to celebrate special occasions in the comfort of their homes.

Balozy’s reach extended beyond her local clientele, attracting customers from neighboring towns. Through Balozy’s secure payment system, Mary efficiently managed transactions, and positive reviews from satisfied customers began pouring in. With the help of Balozy, Mary regained her footing and discovered a new stream of income that complemented her traditional catering services.

John’s Handyman Services

Due to the maandamano, John, an experienced handyman based in Mombasa, faced a halt in his usual repair services. With his physical store inaccessible, John decided to pivot his services online.

Through Balozy, he offers virtual consultations, guides customers through simple repairs, and provides expert advice on home improvement projects. Balozy’s user-friendly interface allowed John to schedule appointments and communicate clearly with his clients.

The positive reviews he has received on Balozy have helped John rebuild his reputation and establish trust with new clients. Even with the protests, John continues to offer virtual consultations alongside his on-site services, thanks to the success he found through Balozy.

Balozy Can Revive Kenyan Businesses: In Conclusion

Despite ongoing protests, Kenyan businesses battle transportation disruptions, establishment closures, and severe financial losses. However, with challenges come opportunities, and Balozy is a beacon of hope for businesses seeking recovery.

Kenyan businesses can stay afloat during these tough times and emerge stronger than ever by connecting with customers online, expanding their reach, and leveraging the power of reviews. Sign up on Balozy, expand your reach, and grow your business during these challenging times.