7 Safe Ways to Withdraw Online Cash in Kenya

7 Safe Ways to Withdraw Online Cash in Kenya

The rapid advancement in digital technology has created many opportunities for Kenyan freelancers to earn money online. According to the National Study on Digital and Digitally Enabled Work in Kenya, at least 1.2 million Kenyans are working online earning an average of Sh20,773 per month.

If you’re interested in online work, you might wonder: “How can you withdraw online cash in Kenya?” This comprehensive guide explores various practical methods to withdraw online cash. Each method offers its unique pros and cons.

1. Skrill

Skrill is a popular choice for withdrawing online cash in Kenya. It offers a straightforward platform with various withdrawal options including bank transfers, mobile wallets, and cryptocurrencies.

In the past, Skrill was known for its speed, but it has faced some delays and errors recently. Nevertheless, it remains a reliable option.

To start, create a Skrill account and link your card and bank account. You’ll also need your bank’s SWIFT code. After verifications, you can add your M-PESA number for quicker withdrawals, often within an hour.

2. M-Pesa

M-Pesa is a mobile phone-based money transfer service that has gained popularity in several countries, including Kenya. Some freelancing sites, such as Upwork, have integrated M-Pesa as a payment option since 2017.

While the exchange rates may not always be the best, the speed of transfer is impressive, with funds typically arriving within minutes to hours. For better rates, you might consider withdrawing from freelancing sites to PayPal and then transferring to M-PESA.

3. Payoneer

Payoneer is widely accepted on freelancing platforms like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and Fiverr. It’s a straightforward process.

To withdraw, visit your chosen freelancing platform and select Payoneer. After the funds transfer, you can choose “Immediate Load” for automatic loading, which comes at a cost, or “Standard Load” for more cost-effective loading, which takes around two days.


Once loaded, you can withdraw from outlets like Absa, Stanbic, and KCB. Payoneer also offers a Global Payment Service for international payments, and you can transfer funds to your bank account at no extra cost, typically taking a day.

4. PayPal

PayPal is a globally recognized payment system that is widely used due to its convenience and security. If you’re considering PayPal as your withdrawal method, you can transfer the funds to your M-PESA account. The transfer duration can range from a few minutes to a couple of days, depending on the amount involved.

Alternatively, you can withdraw from PayPal to Equity Bank, which typically takes about a day. It’s always wise to explore alternatives to PayPal for potentially better rates or faster transfer times.

5. Bank Transfer

Some popular freelancing platforms including Upwork and Fiverr offer direct bank transfers as a withdrawal option. This method is relatively fast, with funds usually arriving within hours or up to three days. In some cases, it can be even quicker. To facilitate a bank transfer, you’ll need essential details like the “SWIFT code” and “bank code” of your bank.

6. Wise (formerly TransferWise)

While Wise doesn’t support withdrawals from freelancing sites directly, it’s an excellent option for receiving payments from direct clients. Wise is known for its competitive exchange rates and speedy transfers.

Depending on your preferred payout method—whether it’s a bank account or M-PESA—you’ll need to provide specific details to your clients.

7. Paxful

As cryptocurrency continues to grow in popularity, consider suggesting your clients pay you in cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin. You can then sell these on a Bitcoin marketplace such as Paxful.

This method offers you control over what you receive and fewer limitations compared to traditional payment methods. After receiving bitcoins in your Paxful wallet, you can sell them to a buyer offering great rates.

Always ensure that you receive payment before releasing bitcoins.

How to Keep Your Online Cash Safe in Kenya

When you make money online in Kenya, you need to keep it safe from online scammers and fraudsters. Here are 7 tips to protect your online earnings:

  1. Use two-factor authentication (2FA): 2FA is a powerful security feature provided by many online platforms. It acts as an additional lock for your account, making it more difficult for unauthorized users to access your online cash.
  2. Beware phishing attempts: Phishing is a typical online scam in which fraudsters attempt to mislead you into disclosing your login information and sensitive information. Always double-check web addresses and never provide critical information such as passwords or personal information over email.
  3. Keep your software updated: Regularly updating your digital tools, like your computer and smartphone, can help patch security holes and keep potential digital intruders at bay.
  4. Regularly monitor your accounts: Regularly checking your financial accounts and transactions can help you spot any suspicious or unusual activities. If something seems off, report it to your financial service provider immediately.
  5. Use a Strong password: Creating a strong password that is a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols can serve as a strong defense against unauthorized access. If you have trouble remembering all of your passwords, consider using a trusted password manager.
  6. Backup important information: Backing up critical information, such as transaction records, in a secure location can act as a financial safety net in case of unexpected issues or data loss.

Key Takeaways On Withdrawing Online Cash in Kenya

There are efficient methods to withdraw online earnings in Kenya. Set up various withdrawal options for flexibility. For quick access to cash, M-Pesa works well, even with slightly lower rates. For larger payments, consider Upwork to PayPal to M-PESA or direct bank transfer. For small amounts, PayPal is cost-effective.

Where Skrill is an option, it’s known for great rates but can be unreliable.

Payoneer is reliable and offers free bank transfers.

Wise is gaining popularity for competitive rates and fast transfers. If clients agree to Wise, it’s efficient.

Lastly, Paxful offers unique cryptocurrency payment options.

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